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40's.ill replace the we will see that transition over the next couple of hours. how much snow you can expect and it will be gone by the rush hour. the seven-day in a couple of minutes. >> you can always track the storms with our new iphone and android apps. and get the updated forecast every day. just click on whether. -- weather. >> the police trainee remains in grave condition, shot by an instructor during a training exercise. how did this happen? we have the details. >> six people have been suspended as a result of this incident. all of them assigned to the city police training academy. the wooded trainee underwent more surgery today. the questions about how this could happen are just beginning.
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according to sources the recruit were shot tuesday at the side of the four rosewoods a hospital. when the police instructor grabbed the wrong gun, his service weapon and fired a 40 caliber bullet through window, striking the recruit in the forehead. there were learning how to enter building using shields like leaves. the instructor was playing the role of the bad guy. drills are not supposed to involve live ammunition. why was this service weapon even in the building? >> it should not have happened. >> the mayor promised the trace family to get to the truth. >> there is no acceptable explanation for why rounds were at a training exercise. and i was so angry i was almost speechless to think of something like this. -- something like this could happen. >> the incident raises clearing questions about protocols for trading. it is not clear procedures were
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in place for the city to use the facility. it is owned by the state and normally used by baltimore county for training. tuesday was the first time the city used it. the come -- police commissioner has suspended activities. he promised last night to be accountable. >> will be transparent and open in the sharia we have a safe from professional police organization. >> the commissioner reorganize the department -- put the training academy under the control of his chief of staff. sources tell us that earlier yesterday, the same city police and structure may have made the same -- the same mistake by pulling out the wrong done. police, that while inside. -- caught that one inside. >> we're learning more tonight about the victims in yesterday's fatal shooting in college park. davon green shot and killed
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himself after shooting and killing one of his housemates. and injuring the other. the army pullout again and ran. >> he was very well liked and he was very intelligent, very calm. furniture. not like every high school kid >> no word yet on funeral arrangements for stephen rane. police say the student who pulled the trigger in that shooting was being treated for mental illness. that is the word authorities received from family members. a university of maryland social work professor said the issue of mental illness among college
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students must go from top to action. >> we need to talk especially to college students about if your roommate, it seems like they're having difficulty. do not keep it to yourself but seek out adult to talk that over with and maybe they will be able to help you to get that student to the residents assistant. >> students receiving mental health services rank their counseling centers could. >> they're urging passage of the governor's wind energy bill. this is the third general assembly that is considering the proposal. we have the latest. >> supporters hold something that bash hope something that
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looks like this will be in operation by 2017. and passages considered a done deal thanks to some political maneuvering. >> an advocate considers it a heaven sent former vergie. >> it will create jobs and create clean, sustainable energy and move our reliance away from oil and other energy sources that are not so great. >> the cast of characters urged legislators to pass the bill. the third time may be the charm. mike miller told supporters the bill is almost guaranteed to land on the governor's desk. making sure the legislation moves to the senate floor where the bill has 24 co-sponsors. >> will get through science committee and the sad enter the house. >> i feel like i am in trouble. griffey was 20 minutes late for
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a hearing on his own bill. the governor made his pitch. his bill establishes a regulatory framework creating an incentive for companies to invest in the wind farm off the coast of ocean city. >> this legislation is important to our jobs future and energy future and it is important to our children's future. >> the project will create 850 new jobs. and 160 permanent positions. ratepayers would subsidize the investment with up to $1.50 a month tacked onto utility bills. there is a 1.5% increase. retailers and others complain it will cost millions which may be passed on to consumers. >> there will be no great impact unless those turbines are producing energy. bill includes
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millions in grants to boost minority business involvement. the naacp is conditionally backing the bill. >> with a clear prerequisite that significant guarantees be made to minority business enterprise opportunities and demand that language be included in the bill. >> the governor was late because he was tweaking his testimony. lawmaker oopposition is fierce. his bill is the dumbest idea he is ever heard. quex the lieutenant governor testified today with an update on maryland's efforts to implement federal health care reform. the measure includes an expansion of medicaid and creates a dedicated funding streams for the maryland health benefit exchange from the existing premium tax on health insurers. it includes provisions to move
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in raleigh's into the exchange in a way that eases the transition an impact on rates. brown has been leading the health care reform effort for the malley administration. president obama kicks off road trip. >> he traveled to north carolina to highlight his jobs proposals. nikole killion joins us from our washington bureau. >> president obama took his state of the union sales pitch to ashville, north carolina. >> last night i deliver the state of the union address. and i talked about steps we can take right now >> the prison that reiterated his message, of scouting manufacturing initiatives and a proposal to raise their minimum wage. >> i need congress to take up these initiatives. we have worked too hard to turn back now. >> on capitol hill.
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>> last night the president offered more of the same. higher taxes and more spending. >> republican leaders were not convinced. >> an opportunity to bring together the country became another retread of look service and liberalism. >> the president used the first address of his second term to push an ambitious agenda. to immigration and then control. >> -- gun-control. >> i think the president was extremely specific about what he wanted. he was not specific about how to pay for it. that is going to be a big challenge for him. >> white house officials say the
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trip to georgia and illinois will highlight other aspects of his economic agenda. the men left without jobs after the bethlehem steel shutdown. >> cdos take to the spring training field. >> rain mixing with and changing over to snow. there is no falling around the baltimore area. 42 downtow
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>> the employees of the bethlehem steel mill or out of work. many need to restart careers. >> the men are getting a second chance at a career. at the welding school in roseville. they are collecting unemployment while getting new career training. the idea is to make them more employable. >> the training we're giving them is to retool them with a new skill set to go with the years of experience they have in industry to really enable them to come back in the work force and get a competitive wage instead of having to start from ground zero. that is the idea behind this program. >> the program takes six months to complete. >> rain changing over to snow
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will accumulate and we have had some warm temperatures. roadway temperatures are not as cold as they would be if we were dealing with the normal temperatures. we had a couple of back-to-back days in the 40's. it is still mostly rain from baltimore to areas north and west where we're getting more of a mix in the area. that will be with us for the next several hours. the high today, 44. average for the day. the low this morning, 31. the record high 72. set back in 1951. across the area, temperatures in the 40's. to the north, 30's and some mid- 30's. parton at 37. the temperatures will be critical overnight. as you get into the higher elevations, that is where the
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significant snowfall will be. the massi mixture as those temperatures cool for the next few hours. west on 60.g watch for some snow-covered roads. this will push around south to -- around midnight. south and east is mainly rain for the night tonight. as we get to water to pm the storm is moving away. the precipitation is ended and we will see a clearing skies toward the rush hour. between now and 2:00 a.m. is when we're dealing with the potential for some snow. in the colder northern suburbs, that is where we could have a two or 3 inch snowfall. around baltimore and the upper eastern shore, we're talking and injured two of slushy wet snow with temperatures trying to struggle toward the freezing point. the mixture will be out of here
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as we head toward morning. the skies will start to clear and that is when temperatures dipped into the upper 20's. clearing skies around us and it is not all that cold back here. kansas city at 56. when the skies clear tomorrow the temperatures will stay mild but over the weekend it will turn sharply colder. sunshine and we will be in the 40's. friday night, an arctic cold front reaches baltimore. a burst of snow late friday night into saturday morning. it might be more substantial as the cold comes rushing back into our region and we return to our real wintry pattern. tomorrow, sunny skies, 43 to 40. melting whenever snowfalls tonight. during the day, southerly wind with waves about 1 foot. the mountains to pick up some snow but there will clear out tomorrow and pick a more snow showers friday. eastern shore locations, upper eastern shore, some snow
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accumulation. south of cambridge it is mostly rain. that makes returned friday into saturday morning. on the coast, some rain ending tomorrow morning. sunny skies of 08 to 55 friday before turned much colder over the weekend. you see that in the seven-day forecast. a cold front friday, flurries and snow showers saturday and sunday with highs in the 30's over the weekend. >> from the susquehanna bank sports center, this is 11 sports. >> baseball season build slowly. the one spreads through the first mile of a marathon. the practice does bring a unique energy. pitchers and catchers put in their first forecast at the facility in sarasota. a nice complement to the team coming off the first playoff run in 15 years. every season presents unforeseeable challenges. this one will, too. but they bring the kind of confidence into this spring that post-seasoned experience creates.
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a year to push the boundaries this season. >> it is a great year obviously. you have to turn the pages and focus on this year. it is another year and we have certain things we need to accomplish. everybody is always trying to improve and not just us. every once we play against. we got a good group of guys that are all coming back and bullpen is in tact from last year. >> johnson had a career high of 71 games and delivered a franchise record, 51 saves. jim johnson gave up three home runs in those 71 appearances but in the postseason he gave up two costly homers in four appearances. the problem he hopes to correct at the end of this season. donna hamilton did not seem wowed by lebron james
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accomplishment. the nba has existed since the year after world war ii. more than 4000 people have worn an nba uniform. none of them have done what lebron james has done. did we get your attention yet? he made 30 p9oints. made 70% of his shots. no one has ever scored 30 or more points while shooting 60% of the field. no one, not until lebron james became the first. can we check donna to see if she is impressed? >> i am very impressed. >> last night, shaquille o'neal
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showed up at the staples center and so did will ferrell. ferrell poses a security guard who escorted shaq out of the court. none of the fans,. there were still stunned at accomplishment. >> they were stunned by the moustache on welfare rolls. -- will ferrell. >> we have a forecast next.
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>> barry simms discovers this
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woman may not be the alleged thieves the first victim. a local shop owner said she hired the floral designer on the spot because his work was just that good. she accuses him of scanning her out of thousands of dollars. >> regret and recovery. at first the designer had a special gift. >> he was extremely creative, extremely engaging, he just knew everything about a flower shop that anyone could ever know. >> the shop owner says this is the man who gained her trust and talked her into ordering from a wholesaler. the company claimed could get her flowers than half the cost. her anticipation turned into frustration and then anger. >> they never came. >> she was out thousands and he was gone. our investigation turns up on
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line warnings. chris is not the
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>> range changing over to snow as we speak. it will be gone by tomorrow. a couple of inches in some spots. up to 45 tomorrow and 50 friday. more snow friday night into saturday morning. winter is still here. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> nbc nightly news is next. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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